About the project


The main goal of the project was to prepare a useful tool for youth workers to develop media and digital competencies, as well as to build a strong partnership between 7 organisations involved in the topic of media literacy in Europe.

The project started in January 2017. The result of our work is an innovative media literacy training programme: European Media Literacy Standard for youth workers. It is complemented by educational materials and best practices developed on Media & Information Literacy Platform for Exchanging Educational Resources (MIL/PEER).

Media literacy is one of the ways to enhance development of basic and transversal skills, which are necessary to build society of active citizens with critical approach towards the media. We hope to contribute to a better recognition and understanding of the media, information and digital skills in the field of youth work.

Project partners:

Ariel Trust

Ariel Trust is an Educational Charity based in Liverpool that was set up in 1982 to improve the life chances of young people and give them a greater understanding of and access to Media from which they feel alienated. We aim to support the development of resilient young people, working with them to tackle important issues in their lives. Our mission is to improve the quality of education. At the heart of our work is an evidence-based approach designed to motivate and engage young people changing their attitudes, behaviour and levels of achievement. This is achieved both through face to face work with disadvantaged young people and through the development of anti-violence education programmes, which are used by schools across the UK.

Evens Foundation

The Evens Foundation is a public benefit foundation based in Antwerp, Belgium and with offices in Paris and Warsaw. The Evens Foundation initiates and supports sustainable projects, and awards biennial prizes, that contribute to the progress and strengthening of Europe based on cultural and social diversity. To promote harmonious living together, the Evens Foundation aims to stimulate efforts to increase media literacy – by raising critical awareness, which implies comprehension and cultural awareness, and by encouraging media creativity.

Modern Poland Foundation

We are one of the leading organisations promoting innovative educational methods, supporting development of digital, media and information literacy competences as well as educating Polish citizens on the intellectual property laws. The most important projects of the Foundation are:
* Media Literacy – the on-line source of educational materials for teachers, librarians and youh workers to popularise the digital and media education for children and youth.
* Right to Culture – the project includes activities aimed at helping understand the current copyright law by conducting the debate on the shape of the legal and social system governing the field of culture.
* Free Books – an online library open 24/7, 365 days per year, available in every place in the world. It contains over 3200 works pertaining to the canon of the classic Polish and foreign literature from the public domain.


Imec is the world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. As a trusted partner for companies, startups and academia we bring together brilliant minds from all over the world in a creative and stimulating environment. Imec hosts the Flemish Knowledge Center for Media Literacy, Mediawijs.be. In this unit six people daily work on spreading and stimulating media literacy, or media wisdom as we call it, in Flanders. We work on collecting and disseminating all knowledge on media literacy from research, practice, international examples to intermediaries, teachers, librarians, youth workers, e-inclusion professionals. We also promote media literacy in media and other campaigns to the general public.


The JFF has been investigating how younger generations deal with media through research and practical experience since 1949. For more than 60 years the starting point for JFF activities in the fields of research and pedagogical work has been the media usage of adolescents and promoting media competence.Combining empirical research and educational practice is characteristic of the working methods of the JFF. Research results form the basis of educational schemes for educational, developmental, and cultural work with children and adolescents.These research activities are reciprocally supplemented by educational practice.


Center of Education and Intercultural Communication develops local and European projects encouraging expression and the exchange of views and creative ideas through the use of media. We specialise on how media, image and sound can develop narratives and how they can be introduced in educational environments. Karpos was founded in Athens, Greece in 2008 to gather competencies and ideas in the field of Media and Education. Our non-profit organization is developing activities where media are a tool for self-expression, experience sharing, creativity and professional development


Education, game, digital citizenship, creativity and participation explored with media. In Zaffiria we ask ourselves in what way we can reach these results. Projects, laboratories, training, walks in the Web between old and new media to educate, participate, create, think and play. Zaffiria is a centre based in Bellaria Igea Marina in Italy. It is engaged in offering and developing media education in schools and extraschools. Our aim is to promote media education and children’s rights, the social participation of children through the creative use of media and art education.